Tuesday, June 10, 2008

35 Games in 1 Season: London Man Will Attempt World Record

Adam is an American football fan from London, England and has recently sold his apartment in order to pay for a world-record breaking NFL trip in which he will witness 35 NFL games in one season. He states that the aim of his trip is simply to meet as many great NFL fans as possible and understand the impact each team has on its supporters and surrounding communities. He will be rooting for each home team and will attempt to learn as much as possible of the culture of each city relative to their support for their football franchise. You can view Adam's schedule here.

WhoDatSay.com will welcome Adam to the City on Monday, November 24th. Stay tuned for events that will be announced for Adam's arrival as we get closer to the date. Prior to that late fall engagement we asked Adam about his opinions of the New Orleans Saints and their fans. Here is what he had to say...

Although I am lifelong bears fan I have always had a soft spot for the New Orleans Saints as I supported them when I went to my first ever NFL game back in 1990 when they played at the old Wembley Stadium in London. You can read about my expereince at http://www.adamsfootballtrip.com/blogs/63/my-1st-nfl-game%2c-aged-10%3a-1990-wembley.htm

Since then, I have always looked out for the Saints and hoped they do well. My whole trip is about finding the great fans out there, and I remember seeing on the T.V. when the Saints moved back to their stadium after the horrors of Katrina, that the fans loved their team so much, and went to the games despite the tragic situations. I remember hearing about fans that had been waiting for their houses to be repaired and they had been living from place to place but still had their season tickets! That's hardcore.

I will be seeing the Saints three times on my trip (Saints v. Chargers in London; Saints v. Packers in New Orleans; and Saints v. Bears in Chicago. I have set myself the task of always supporting the home team, which will be difficult for me in my second game, when I will have to root for the Colts against my beloved Bears! Naturally I will be rooting for the Bears when the Saints come to Soldier Field, but I would still love to hang out with the traveling Saints fans and meet them during the tailgate.

I will be hoping to meet those great Saints fans at the Louisiana Superdome when they host the Packers. I will be rooting especially hard for the Saints that day, as any Packers loss will help the Bears. The Saints are one of those teams where the passionate fans get behind their team no matter what. I will be spending an extra couple of days in New Orleans to interview more fans and get a real understanding of the culture, as well as exploring the role that the team has on its surrounding community. Many people say the football team has been a catalyst for the local economy and given the city high morale.

I thank the New Orleans team for also giving up a home game by playing in my home town, London, when they play the Chargers. There is quite a bit of Saints' fans based here in London, and that may be because they came over in 1990 for an exhibition game against the Raiders. When I was at the London game last season, I spotted some Saints fans and spoke to them, and they had been to that pre-season game that I first went to way back in 1990!

My message to the Saints fans out there is that I simply can not wait to meet them. I will be giving out T-Shirts at each tailgate and interviewing fans for my blog/book and documentary. If any Saints fans out there may like to tell me about their stories supporting their team, then I would love for them to get in touch via my site.

I did have a few problems with the trip. To start with it was supposed to be last season, but I did not have the money, so I sold my apartment! So far the schedule has been great in terms of match ups and rivalry games I'll be seeing, but I will have to cross the country about 8 times, leaving me driving around 35,000 miles, quite a few more than I predicted! Obtaining sponsorship and speaking to corporations has been a bit tricky, but no one said that would be "easy". If any one knows of a person or company that may like to sponsor me, or have their logo on my car, or T-Shirts or my site, then please get in touch. See you in November, New Orleans.

To read more about Adam’s world record breaking trip, please visit www.adamsfootballtrip.com 35 NFL games in 1 Season! We look forward to seeing him roll through the Crescent City on Thanksgiving Weekend – I’m sure he will enjoy the great food, football, and atmosphere our city has to offer.


SaintsLife said...

I don't know if this guy is a complete idiot or a "man" in every sense of the word. If I did that my fiance would kill me. Tell him to bring some pints of Emglish foam and I'll drink with you guys until the sun comes up... I could care less if my fiance has a problem with it! Anyone going to London btw?

Anonymous said...

Is he renting a car or flying from city to city?

MT said...

since he says that he is driving around 35,000 miles I suspect he is driving around North America, and flying to London and back :)

I must admit im jealous, I tried to get tickets to the Buffalo / Miami game here in Toronto and couldnt, and here is a guy from London who got one. :(